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At we want to give you the chance to easily obtain your 3D filaments in Quebec but also across Canada! We offer more than a hundred quality PLA, PLA+, ABS, PETG, HIPS filaments on our online store. Would you like to place an order for filaments for your large-scale 3D printing projects? No problem, we are here to support you no matter the scale of your 3D creations!

3D printers are becoming increasingly popular in Quebec and fused filament deposition 3D printing technology is the most accessible and economical. This 3D printing technology is offered in a wide variety of materials including the essential PLA.

Our online store for 3D printer filaments offers you the most popular filaments without compromising quality and printability.

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Why is PLA (polylactic acid) filament a standard in 3D printing?

PLA filament

Affordable and environmental

Affordable, easy to print and environmentally friendly (since biodegradable), it is offered in a rainbow of colors and finishes. You want to print an original 3D project, discover our many filament finishes: satin (Silk), wood, metallic, thermosensitive, marbled, fluorescent, phosphorescent, etc.

Incredible quality

The choice of PLA filament can also be complex given the diversity of PLA filament brands but, rest assured, on fila3D, we only sell quality PLA. So you can shop and print with peace of mind!